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Russia is a strange land of magnificent snow-topped mountains, profound lakes, brilliant sands, frosty tundra, and a huge number of streams that go through interesting towns and grand national parks. All things considered, the world’s biggest nation is additionally home to some fantastic masterpieces, overpowering castles, and self-important urban communities whose appeal and dramatization have roused scholars and writers for quite a long time.


With a long and wild history, some spectacular craftsmanship and culture, and the world’s biggest network of very rich people, it’s no big surprise Moscow has dependably been viewed as a city of sensational differences, a centre of innovative and scholarly energy. From brilliant house of God arches gleaming at night sun, to the blood red towers of the Kremlin Wall approaching over Red Square, this huge city makes for a splendid visual adventure. Talking about the Kremlin Cathedral complex, it includes the beautiful Ivan the great bell tower, Tsar bell, The Arsenal, Patriarch’s palace and other massive buildings.The Moscow Kremlin is a symbol of Russia, one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world. Your first experience with Moscow metro stations will astonish you, nothing would be as great as them. Every station has a one of a kind plan demonstrative of the era of the political leaders. They have stories of Russia’s history that make you need to continue exploring these heavenly stations. Victory Park is another wonderful place in Moscow attracting large number of tourists. It looks most amazing during the evening when the water in the wellsprings is lit up. The oldest street in Russia the Arbat street existing since 15th century, The Sparrow hills,highest point in Moscow offering breath-taking panoramic view of the city, astounding Russian circus include to the list of the things you don’t want to miss when in Moscow.



St. Petersburg, rightly known as the ‘City of the Czars’, offers an intriguing look into Russia’s historic antiquity. With it being the second biggest city in Russia, St Petersburg is likewise affectionately known as the cultural capital of Russia. With that as a top priority you can anticipate some quite epic historical centres, wonderful workmanship displays, and enough religious landmarks to explore. Hermitage museum is one of the most visited places in St. Petersburg. Trust me, Hermitage historical centre is an outright must! Also known as Winter Palace, has extraordinary artful culminations inside it. The museum’s location is an ex-Royal Palace of Russian Tsars. It is of utmost importance for a jaw dropping experience. Kazan cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Russia. It is the monument to glory of Russian arms and I’m sure it will be there on every visitor’s itinerary.While arriving in St. Petersburg, you should make your first stop the Nevsky Prospekt. This dazzling 2.5-mile road is enhanced with Russian History. Lovely structures, amazing bridges and ground-breaking royal residences become just pieces of a stroll down this sight-fulfilling road. After a stroll down Nevsky Prospekt one must board a luxury boat and admire all the sights that line St Petersburg’s sentimental waterways. Explore the captivating St Petersburg by a boat on a little gathering touring voyage along the Neva River.On the off chance that you are venturing out to St. Petersburg, a visit you can’t miss is Peterhof, known as the “Russian Versailles”, which comprises of a progression of castles and gardens that were the habitation of the czars.The center point of Peterhof complex is what is known as the Grand Palace, however something significantly more fabulous than the royal residence itself are the beautiful gardens and fountains encompassing it, and you can visit smaller royal residences and structures that house historical centres. Pushkin town, Issac cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress are few other places that must include in your travel list. Well how can one not mention the majestic ‘White nights’ of St. Petersburg, during this time by day, you can revel in the sun and the open air bistros; by night, there are concerts, festivals and too much partying for you to indulge in.

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