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Eastern Europe

Despite the intense advertising that goes into it, the eastern part of Europe remains one of the most unexplored tourist destinations of the planet. Aptly described as a ‘cultural melting pot’, Eastern Europe encompasses diverse cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, histories and languages. Many geographers, historians and political scientists have worked hard to group these countries under a particular label – but without success. However, it is this diversity that enchants tourists and travel-lovers all over the world. Each country has its own language, tradition, culture, festival and history that must be considered while planning the perfect vacation.

Eastern Europe is known for some of the world’s most beautiful churches, cathedrals, canals, cheese farms and museums. Your trip would begin at Prague, where you would be taken to a number of interesting tourist spots. Examples include the Karlovy Vary, one of the famous spa towns of the world. Well-known for its twelve thermal springs, you can visit the historic Charles bridge, the iconic medieval Prague astronomical clock and a beautiful cruise on river Vlatva. Don’t forget to try out the trdelník (pastry), palačinky (pancakes), chlebíčky (sandwich) and smaženýsýr (cheese and bread rolls) before you leave.

This part of the continent is well-known for its trekking, hiking and forest trails – giving you a rare sight into the utter gorgeousness of nature. At Neem Holidays, we promise to take you through some of the world’s classic UNESCO World Heritage sites that have been reminders of art and history over the centuries. For example, Budapest (the capital of Hungary) is known for its beautiful Danube River, Europe’s second-longest river. Not just that, it is home to a variety of fish such as salmon and tench that can be sampled during the iconic cruise. However, one should definitely visit the Buda Castle, the historic castle of the Hungarian kings’ way back in the mid-eighteenth century. It is especially marvelled for its medieval, Baroque and neoclassical designs, making it a World Heritage site. Unlike on your other holidays, you can taste the actual flavour of Hungarian desserts such as the flavourful lángos (fried bread), the creamy-n-chocolateysomlóigaluska (trifle) and the deliciously-nutty dobos torte (layered cake). It is also known for its centuries-old caves such as the BaradlaDomica cave system, which forms part of the Aggletek Karst in North Hungary.

Moving on to Poland, there are a number of things that you must visit on the trip. One of them is the beautiful old town of Krakow with great castles and a UNESCO heritage site of salt mines at Wieliczka. When you’re hungry, you can have a taste of makowiec (poppy-seed roll), gołąbki (cabbage roll) and pierogi (dumplings) as well.

Therefore, Neem Holidays would be your perfect companion on your upcoming Eastern Europe vacation. Treat yourself to a rollercoaster journey of different countries, cuisines, languages and histories with the assistance of an English-speaking guide. Make use of our Splendid Europe package that will take you the rarest and more exquisite tourist spots in the continent. Join us on our trip and have the best vacation of your life.

Each Package Tour is a Unique Experience.

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